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Pure Lanolin Skin Therapy

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8.0 oz8.0 oz
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Our unscented, pharmaceutical-grade Lanolin is nearly identical to your skin's own oils, and is unequaled in its ability to moisturize dry, cracked and chapped skin. A truly natural way to keep your skin healthy and youthful.

A truly natural way to keep your skin healthy, supple and youthful, especially through the dry winter months. Always certified cruelty free, handmade in small batches and made in the USA!

  • 25 times higher quality than other standard USP grades in terms of total pesticide residue content.
  • Very low in odor and 100% natural.
  • Complies with both United States Pharmacopeia (USP) as well as European Pharmacopoeia (EP) standards.

100% Anhydrous Lanolin. No additives, fragrances or chemicals.

Apply liberally to dry lips, noses, cheeks, fingertips, knuckles, dry patches and other chapped or cracked skin areas. Safe for use on eczema and other skin conditions, as well as chapped nipples during breastfeeding. For best results, apply before bedtime to allow for intense overnight healing. Lanolin can be warmed slightly for easier application if desired. For external use only. Avoid contact with clothing. Use only as directed.