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Antimicrobial Facial Konjac Sponge

4.0 oz4.0 oz4.0 oz


4.0 oz4.0 oz4.0 oz


Our 100% natural Konjac Sponge gently exfoliates and cleanses skin and is naturally pH balanced. Designed to fit comfortably in your hand and allows you to gently exfoliate sensitive, hard to reach areas around your eyes.

Excellent for sensitive skin, including those with oily skin, acne, and rosacea.
Plant-based and eco-friendly. No artificial colors or additives. 100% Vegan. Biodegradable. Lasts for up to two months with daily use.

Our Konjac sponge is made from 100% pure Konjac plant root with added Natural Bamboo Charcoal, which contains activated carbon, various minerals, and natural antioxidant ingredient that help fighting hard-to-reach acne-causing bacterias.

Soften the sponge by soaking in warm water. Massage skin in a circular motion, either with or without a cleanser. Rinse sponge after use, squeeze out excess water, and let dry. Replace every two months.

We recommend using with inVitamin's All Natural Charcoal Cleansing Cream

  • Super-soft sponge gently exfoliates to give you a radiant glow. Safe for sensitive skin!
  • Activated bamboo carbon cleanses pores, removes excess oil, fights bacteria to help clear acne
  • Lasts for up to two months with daily use.